My courses are always based on critical inquiry, dialogue, and creative interaction.  I'm happiest when I'm blending classroom and community-engagement.

Storytelling for Health
Learn to tell and facilitate stories - and how storytelling is being used to improve health and health systems.

Arts and Social Entrepreneurship
Learn how artists are vital partners in cultural community development. We study creative engagement techniques, model projects, partnership and project development and we work on an actual project that can spill over to a second semester internship. This course (Theatre 320) is also a core class for the Arts & Social Entrepreneurship Certificate at UWM.  

Student Artists in Residence
Students in the arts are matched with a year-long placement in a community health-oriented agency. Some students live on-site, receiving free room & board, while others receive a small stipend. Students work with a client and staff mentor to identify an organizational challenge, and design their arts-based programming to address that challenge. The course involves independent reading and training, field notes, and several in-person meetings with the group to provide peer guidance. Offered in collaboration with the UWM Center for Community-based Learning, Leadership and Research. 

Create/Change Institute: Transforming Care for Elders through Creative Engagement
This 3-day institute brings together artists and care providers to learn creative engagement and community-building techniques. Teams shape creative project plans of their own - with feedback from attendees and institute instructors.  A wildly exciting and inspiring couple of days...that is part of TimeSlips new Creative Community of Care organizational training program.