Courses Taught
My courses are always based on critical inquiry, dialogue, and creative interaction.  I'm happiest when I'm blending classroom and community-engagement.

Intro to Performance and Pop Culture
New in 2016! We'll learn to see pop culture through the lens of performance through a series of field experiences, including a baseball game, a movie palace visit, political events, and even a demo of virtual reality technology.

Play Analysis
Learn to read and interpret a play (and of course, life) .

Learn the art of telling and facilitating stories. Community engagement and critical thinking involved. 

Storytelling: Health Settings
Learn to tell and facilitate stories - and how storytelling is being used to improve health and health systems.

Performing Community
Learn how artists are vital partners in cultural community development. We study creative engagement techniques, model projects, partnership and project development and we work on an actual project that can spill over to a second semester internship. 

Introduction to Theatre
What are the basic elements behind the magic of theatrical performance? 

Playwriting I
An introduction to playwriting focused on developing story ideas, creating subtext, and playing with a variety of forms.

Playwriting II
A chance for students to take a play from idea to staged reading, and to learn the art of critical response. 

Summer Institute-  Create/Change: Transforming Care for Elders through Creative Engagement
This 3 day institute is being offered June 20-22, 2016.  Join artists and care providers from across the world for this inspiring 3 days of learning to build creative communities of care.